ANVEL Version 4.0

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ANVEL 4.0 is the latest major release of the powerful robotics modeling and simulation software from Quantum Signal, LLC! Included in this version is long-awaited support for “headless” simulation, as well as new features:

  • Headless functionality allows running ANVEL in simulation-only mode (no rendering, no GUI), simulation and rendering mode (no GUI), or the legacy GUI-enabled version.
  • Multiple instances can run in parallel and with per-instance configuration, allowing for maximum flexibility and scalability.
  • ROS/ANVEL plugins introduce support for ROS Kinetic on Ubuntu 16.04
  • A new, highly performant lidar sensor plugin emulates the communications protocol of VLP-16 and HDL-32E sensors
  • A new RTSP camera plugin allows efficient video streaming from simulated sensors over the network
  • ANVEL External API updates add additional batch functionality to many calls
  • New bundled vehicles and environments are included

Comprehensive release notes are available.

Existing users can upgrade to 4.0 by logging into the ANVEL website, clicking on My ANVEL and selecting the desired software download. New users can apply for an ANVEL license. ANVEL is available in three editions — Government, Commercial, and Academic — for Windows and Ubuntu Linux.