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Get an ANVEL License

Visit the ANVEL website to get an ANVEL license.

View ANVEL License

  1. Visit and click the Login link.
    2018-09-04 09 46 07-Get ANVEL.png

  2. Click the My ANVEL button once logged in.
    2018-09-04 09 15 00-Get ANVEL.png

    Account details will display:
    2018-09-04 10 49 56-My ANVEL.png

Renew ANVEL License

  1. Click the Request Renewal button.
    Anvelsim requestrenewal.png

  2. Confirm the information in the form is correct and provide responses for required fields. Anvel renewalform.png

  3. Click Submit Renewal Request.
    A notification is sent to ANVEL Support to review the license renewal request.

Unregister ANVEL

The ANVEL license files are stored in the ANVEL user data folder (Reference ANVEL directories). By deleting the .keys, .info, and .stats files, the locally installed version(s) of ANVEL will prompt for the license key.

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