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Welcome to ANVEL

ANVEL (Autonomous Navigation Virtual Environment Laboratory) is an engineering software tool for the desktop, created to assist in the design, building, testing, and refinement of intelligent ground vehicle systems. ANVEL is a software laboratory designed to facilitate testing and development of ideas, algorithms, and code to control and operate intelligent ground vehicles. It bridges the gap between non-real-time, high-fidelity engineering tools and real-time, game-like simulators that can be used for training, but have low or no engineering fidelity.

Ground vehicle subsystems cannot be created, integrated and tested in a vacuum. The subsystems are interdependent and must be designed, built and tested systemically. With ANVEL, engineers can perform systemic development, testing and debugging in a convenient desktop environment, in real-time.

This MediaWiki contains documentation for ANVEL 4.0. See the ANVEL 3.5, 3.1, and 3.0 wiki. For ANVEL 2.5 and earlier documentation, visit this page.

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