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Vehicles can be placed in the ANVEL environment and controlled through a user interface or through automated means. ANVEL supports a catalog of simulated vehicles built to match their real-world counterparts. All vehicles can be modified to suit the need of the user.

Customizing Vehicles

Vehicles in ANVEL can be fully customized. The configuration of the vehicle is determined by the vehicle's xml file. In the file the size, component configuration, control mechanism, and numerous other vehicle properties. The vehicle definition is broken down to several parts: the vehicle's world object visual representation, the physical body, objects, drive-train, wheels, controls, and servos.

Vehicle Coordinate System

The components' positions defined in the vehicle definition file are relative to the vehicle's chassis center of gravity or to local body coordinate system. See Vehicle Coordinate System for explanation and examples of how to position components.

Vehicle Definition Files

Each vehicle has several definition files that defines the make up of the vehicle. These include the vehicle xml, mesh, control, and material files. The main component is the vehicle.xml file. Within the xml the vehicle is built up by different blocks; the visual representation, body, wheels, drive-train, and controllers. There are optional components that can be defined within the vehicle definition such as objects, sensors, and servos. See Vehicle Definition for more information on the xml.

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